Collaborating directly with Hyundai engineers, I had the privilege of spearheading the design of the HT Linksense mobile application. Crafting a user-centric experience, I designed the app’s home interface, dashboard, and device pages, ensuring intuitive navigation and a visually compelling aesthetic. Learn More

As Creative Director for Inxeption I was responsible for overseeing the creation of brand standards, compelling collateral, digital marketing campaigns, events, strategic presentations, leading the creative/marketing team, and engaging social initiatives.

Responsible for conceptualizing and crafting mocks, building out competitive analysis, reviewing analytics, executing front and back-end development, hiring a 3D rendering artist, and intricately designing UX/UI. Each pixel of this website narrates a tale of creativity, commitment, and meticulous attention to detail..

As the creative force behind PJ Trailers’ website, we brought innovation to the forefront. Introducing a dynamic financing calculator, immersive 360-degree rotators, engaging videos, and detailed spec sheets, we seamlessly integrated cutting-edge features.