Hyundai Translead LinkSense® Application

HT LinkSense® App

Hyundai Translead, the leading manufacturer of dry and refrigerated trailers in North America, announced at TMC21 the launch of HT LinkSense, an open-platform smart trailer solution that is fully integrated with leading telematics partners (CalAmp, ORBCOMM, Phillips Connect, PowerFleet, Road Ready, Sensata | Xirgo, SkyBitz, Spireon). By providing universal connectivity between sensor packages and existing telematics systems, HT LinkSense gives fleets the flexibility to choose sensors and telematics providers that meet their needs, while simultaneously eliminating compatibility issues.

Mobile App Design: Collaborating seamlessly with Hyundai engineers, I had the privilege of spearheading the design of the HT Linksense mobile application. Crafting a user-centric experience, I designed the app’s home interface, dashboard, and device pages, ensuring intuitive navigation and a visually compelling aesthetic. Illustrating intricate details for trailer devices and parts, my goal was to create engaging visuals that translated complex information into quickly identifiable components.

Hyundai Translead Event Design

Tradeshows: From eye-catching vehicle wraps to attention-grabbing posters, captivating videos, engaging presentations, and interactive demos – our design for the HT Linksense app takes center stage. Seamless integration of innovation and visual storytelling ensures a memorable showcase.

Marketing Solutions

Our team meticulously crafted an omnichannel marketing strategy to promote the HT Linksense app, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence across various touchpoints. Starting with visually compelling brochures, we translated the app’s features into tangible benefits, creating informative and engaging print materials. Trade show events and presser spaces were strategically designed to capture attention and communicate key messages and branding seamlessly.

A Symphony of Marketing Magic: Top left: Engaging in a moodboard exercise to articulate the visual identity of the Linksense application. Top right: Designing banners to spotlight the array of telematics partners supported by the app. Bottom left: Employing a continuous brand message and aesthetic through a vehicle wrap to boost visibility for the new LinkSense application. Bottom right: Showcasing integration with a telematics partner and illustrating problem-solving aspects through posters.

Planning spaces: Turning trailers into classrooms! Leveraging the design concept of continuation, we transformed the interior posters of a trailer into a seamless learning experience. Each poster seamlessly connected, providing an immersive journey for the audience. Learning meets design in motion.

Digital promotions

For the digital landscape, our social graphics resonated with the app’s aesthetics, delivering consistent branding across social media platforms. Email campaigns were thoughtfully crafted, providing a personalized and targeted approach to reach our audience effectively. Landing pages served as immersive gateways, offering in-depth information and a seamless user journey.


Throughout the omnichannel campaigns, we aimed to create a unified brand experience, ensuring that whether a user encountered HT Linksense through print, events, social media, emails, or online interactions, the messaging and visuals remained harmonious. This strategy not only maximized brand visibility but also enhanced the overall user journey, fostering a strong and memorable connection with the HT Linksense® app.