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Revitalizing PJ Trailers

PJ Trailers stands as the foremost trailer manufacturer in North America, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. Renowned for superior craftsmanship and high-end design, the PJ Trailer brand has become synonymous with top-quality trailers. As Art Director, I led a comprehensive overhaul of the brand, including a logo redesign, development of brand standards, and the creation of impactful brochures. Additionally, I crafted a user-centric website and curated stylish swag, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic brand identity across all touchpoints for both dealers and corporate team members.

Elevating User Experience: As the creative force behind PJ Trailers’ website, I brought innovation to the forefront. Introducing a dynamic financing calculator, immersive 360-degree rotators, engaging videos, and detailed spec sheets, I seamlessly integrated cutting-edge features. My design journey involved crafting multiple mocks and options, resulting in the sleek and functional website experience you see today.

Crafting Identity: As the architect of PJ Trailers’ brand standards, in collaboration with our client and content team we meticulously honed every detail. From selecting fonts and typography to defining a vibrant color palette, logos, captivating photography, and establishing a distinctive tone of voice – every element was carefully curated. The result is a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonates across all touchpoints.

PJ Trailers Brand Guidelines
PJ Trailers Branding & Collateral

Harmonizing identity: Leveraging the meticulously crafted PJ Trailers brand standards, I developed supporting materials that resonated with the brand’s identity. Each piece was a testament to the visual excellence and cohesive messaging that defines PJ Trailers’ unmistakable presence in the market. When creating sales collateral I like to create multiple versions as we go through the design process, as can be seen in these business card samples. 

Driving Sales Momentum

As the Art Director and manager of the PJ Trailers account, I was responsible for crafting impactful sales collateral, dynamic advertisements, and comprehensive brochures for our clients. From compelling spec sheets to eye-catching visuals, every piece was meticulously designed to elevate the brand and drive sales success.

Diving into the world of trailers with PJ: a creative odyssey in crafting ad materials that elevate the brand’s essence. From dynamic designs to captivating copy, every detail reflects quality, functionality, and unparalleled style. Unleash the adventure with trailers that speak volumes about your journey.

Explore, Transport, Repeat

As the designer for the PJ Trailers website, I embarked on a journey of creative exploration, presenting a symphony of design options. Through meticulous consideration of styles, fonts, UX/UI elements, and striking imagery, I collaborated closely with the client to ensure a seamless fusion of their vision and the brand identity. The iterative process was a dance of innovation and refinement, resulting in a digital experience that captivates and engages, and drives sales.

PJ Trailers Website

A Culmination of Artistic Vision and Client Partnership

In conclusion, my role as the Art Director for PJ Trailers has been a dynamic journey of creativity, innovation, and client collaboration. From spearheading the redesign of the logo and establishing comprehensive brand standards to crafting impactful sales collateral, advertisements, and brochures, I have consistently aimed for excellence. I’ve guided the team through the intricate process of website design, incorporating dynamic features like a financing calculator, 360-degree rotators, and engaging video content. This multifaceted experience has allowed me to provide holistic support to PJ Trailers, bringing together a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and client-focused solutions.