Image of man holding new adult happy meal with Chicken McNugget toys

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Going Retro

When the Past Sells the Future

Something is happening at Mcdonald’s. Within this last year we’ve seen McDonald’s release multiple campaigns based on 90’s Happy Meal icons, gem after gem. Following the success of last years Halloween Boo Buckets, they released the viral sensation, the Grimace Shake, earlier this year. Monday they released the Frost Box adult happy meal with dressable chicken nuggets, and just Saturday they opened their first concept location called Cosmc’s based on a little known throwback mascot. What is it about the 90’s that pulls us in?

It’s familiar and brings a sense of a better time. It draws us in emotionally in the way smell can link us to memory. How long will this train keep rolling. When will the 90’s stop being cool and be just another gimmick, or have we saturated the market already?

Pulse released an article that sums it up well and why marketing trends right now are leaning towards the grooviness of the past.